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Sivan Windows & Doors has been regarded as one of the best door replacement and installation companies in Southern and Northern California by online reviewers. We’re proud to offer shoppers high-quality products (including certified energy efficient windows and doors) from top brands including Milgard®, Premium, Value, Simonton, Fleetwood, Jeld-Wen, T.M. Cobb, High Sierra and more! We help shoppers pick and choose a replacement door from a variety of popular materials like vinyl, wood, aluminum, and fiberglass. Sivan knows that home remodeling is a long-term investment for homeowners, especially when looking to replace an old or unattractive door. This is why we take extra steps to ensure our customers are covered. We help homeowners choose the right doors that fit their budget, accessibility, and design needs. We support and back-up our products by offering manufacturer warranties and servicing warranties when our customers need it. You can also shop by the following manufactures: Milgard, Premium, Value, Simonton, JELD WEN, Fleetwood, and TM-Cobb

What We Offer: 

  • Patio door replacement & installation (multi-sliding, retro-fit)
  • Entry, front, and exterior door replacement & installation
  • Custom doors
  • Bi-Fold moving glass walls
  • HOA approved doors
  • French-style sliding doors
  • In/Out swing french doors
  • New Construction Doors
We Do Not Service:
  • Interior Door Replacement
  • Sliding Door Repairs
  • Screen Repairs or Replacement
  • Window Repair
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Save Money on New Exterior Doors

When replacing your exterior door(s), it’s important to make sure you use a high quality door manufacture and have them installed by a certified technician. If installed correctly, new doors can help lower heating and cooling costs. When buying your exterior doors, consider energy performance ratings in relation to your home’s weather conditions. As with window replacements, it is best to look at NFRC labels for product performance evaluations. Labels will also provide SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) and U-factor ratings for the door. Low SHGC factors work well for cool areas while higher SHGC factors work well with heated areas.

Types of Exterior Doors

Homeowners can easily choose what type of material they’d like and whether or not to include decorative glass. Shoppers should pay close attention to the subtle differences between doors, such as the type of insulation and seals. It’s also common for exterior door companies to manufacture doors with several materials for optimum energy efficiency. No matter what your wants may be, most manufacturers have a wide range of door styles to fit your home style and needs.

Wood Doors

High Quality Wood Doors by TM Cobb
High Quality Wood Doors by TM Cobb
Wood is among the most commonly used material for front doors. Shoppers seek out wood doors for their luxury and beauty. There’s also a wide variety of options! Wood doors can come in several finishes like oak, cherry, fir, pine, mahogany, and maple. Durable stains and use of clear finishes, like polyurethane, also add extra gleam to designs. For the best protection, consider high-gloss sheens to fight off moisture and swelling.

Fiberglass Doors

Milgard Fiberglass Wood Clad Patio Sliding Doors
Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors by Milgard Windows and Doors
Fiberglass doors are trusted for their durability, maintenance-free reputation, and cost. Fiberglass doors can mimic the look of wood-grain doors and can be stained to look like oak, walnut, cherry, and other popular wood selections. They’re a great option if looking for customizable designs without compromising durability. Their price point and high customization options make fiberglass doors a top option for homeowners.

Steel/Security Doors

Please note: Sivan Windows and Doors is out-of-stock on steel doors. Steel doors are best for security and durability compared to wood and fiberglass options. Steel doors can include inner frames made of wood or steel (for greater strength). Steel doors offer great benefits to homeowners. Cavities inside the door are filled with high-density foam insulation to prevent air leakage. Shoppers can also consider opting for vinyl-clad coatings for weather resistance, as with windows.

Storm Doors

storm door example
Please note: Sivan Windows and Doors is out-of-stock on storm doors.
Storm doors are installed directly in front of your current front door and are a good option if looking to protect your front door from harsh weather. High-quality storm doors use Low-E glass (low-emissivity) or glazing. Other options may include sliding screens and removable glass panels. Low-E doors can reduce damage if the exterior door faces harsh sun rays for long periods of time. Storm doors for patio doors are available, but hard to find. If you’re not interested in investing in a new patio door, cellular shades are also ideal for keeping cool. Picking the right replacement exterior door can help you save money on utility bills. Homeowners can easily make assessments on whether or not to purchase a certain type of door by paying attention to the material of the door and NFRC Labels. For additional questions, if you’d like to see our showroom, or if you’d like to speak to a windows specialist contact us or visit our showroom.

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