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Choosing the right windows can add flair and value to your home or business. In a few years, you can save money and gradually add more resell value to your home by simply replacing your windows. Consider choosing energy efficient windows that are Energy Star certified. Energy efficient windows are quickly becoming the new industry standard when choosing to replace windows because of the health issues associated with older windows. There are some dangerous elements that old windows can bring to your home and family. Old paint may contain lead which may lead to health problems. Single pane windows not only contribute to noise pollution but are also vulnerable to break-ins and air leakage. Sivan Windows and Doors is rated among the best window replacement and installation companies in Los Angeles County. Contact us to Schedule an Appointment or to Request one of our popular Easy E-Quotes. Consider materials and maintenance when choosing to replace your window and doors. Durable materials, like premium vinyl, are virtually maintenance-free and withstand harsh weather conditions very well. Vinyl offers you various customization options and are affordable when compared to wood and aluminum. You can also shop by the following manufactures: Milgard, Premium, Value, Simonton, JELD WEN, Fleetwood, and Sierra Pacific

What We Offer: 

  • Window replacement & installation
  • Retro-fit windows
  • New construction windows
  • Custom windows
  • HOA approved windows
  • Wood windows
  • Vinyl windows
  • Aluminum windows
We Do Not Service:
  • Non-purchase window installation
  • Glass repairs
  • Screen repairs or replacement
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Best Window Replacement for Kitchens

Bay Windows by Jeldwen Windows and Doors
Premium Vinyl Windows by Jeldwen Windows and Doors
Casement windows are great for kitchens because of their ventilation design. By opening outward, casement windows allow fresh air into your home, saving you money from air conditioning costs and without the worry of a break-in. They are also easy-to-reach and easy-to-open, which makes their presence in kitchens even more noteworthy. Horizontal sliders easily open from side-to-side. These windows are perfect for allowing light into your home without compromising the view.

Best Window Replacement for Living Rooms

White Exteior (Fiberglass) Milgard Window
Ultra Series Fiberglass Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors
Bay Windows are great for large living spaces due to their three-dimensional quality and panoramic views. These windows instantly add depth while maximizing your view. Upgrading to side casement windows can add more ventilation by increasing airflow into your home. Decorative grids can add flair to your living room windows by dividing the window into panes. Sculptured grids can be between window panes or on the exterior of the window and provide dimension. Flat grids can visually improve the look of the window but have no dimension.

Best Window Replacement for Dining Rooms & Bedrooms

Stunning White Fiberglass Windows by Milgard
Ultra Series Fiberglass Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors
Single-Hung and Double-Hung windows are commonly used in dining rooms and bedrooms. These types of replacement windows are well-known for their classic lines and sashes that open vertically to allow air into the room. Double-Hung windows have the potential to tilt inward for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Best Window Replacement for Hallways

Decorative Replacement Windows by Milgard
Aluminum Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors
Picture Windows work well with rooms that are not in direct sunlight and are surrounded by beautiful scenic views, such as mountains or large bodies of water. Picture windows do not open and are famously known for their aesthetic purposes, hence the “picture” in the name. Picture windows create stunning and dramatic atmospheres by enhancing the appearance of your home’s architecture, highlighting impressive heights and shapes. Regardless of which type of window you choose, most are very customizable when considering framing material, colors, and sizes. Custom replacement window and door projects require special attention to scaling and proportion sizes. Consider adding tinted glass for privacy and thick glass for energy efficiency.

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